Amb Cinemas - Asian Mahesh Babu Cinemas Theatre

Amb Cinemas - Asian Mahesh Babu Cinemas Theatre 

Amb Cinemas - Asian Mahesh Babu Cinemas Theatre
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Amb Cinemas is a Movie theatre in Sarath City Capital Mall of Hyderabad, Telangana. Tollywood Actor's first joint venture with a film broadcasting business to date.

What is Amb Cinemas:-

Amb Cinemas also are known as Asian Mahesh Babu Cinemas Theatre is a leading distributor of Telugu Film Industry, comes under the guidance of Mr. Narayandas K. Narang, has the full deep knowledge about South Film Broadcasting Industry. First, The Asian Group's Multiplex or Asian Cinemas has joined with the Big Tollywood Young Actor Mahesh Babu which has a large number of fans following and his movies grow on a large number, so after joining with the Actor Mahesh Babu Asian Group's Multiplex Chain has change it's named with AMB Cinemas - an acronym for Asian Mahesh Babu Cinemas. Now the owner of Amb Cinemas is Mahesh Babu. 

Amb Luxury Facilities:-

Amb Cinemas - Asian Mahesh Babu Cinemas Theatre
Source: Google | Credits: Kondapur Cinema

Amb has luxurious facilities given below-

• Unique Watching Experience 
• High-End Luxury Hospitality Services
• Luxurius viewing Technology
• 3D Screen Display
• Quality Entertainment including Dolby Atmos
• Big Plush Auditorium
• Theatre with Capacity of 400 person's 
• Laser Projector for better projection on screening
• 1st Ever Cinema in Telangana & Andra Pradesh
• Controlled with Theatre Management System (TMS)
• Trained attendant to support customer orders
• Large Dining area and hall with kitchen crew's
• Restrooms with modern-day Spa, Foot Massage, Luxury Showers, great Toilets
• On arrival Valet Parking. 

Multiple Amb Cinemas:-

The process of construct the chain of Amb Cinemas was started in multiple locations in Andhra and Telangana states. The first cinema plex will be constructed in Gachibowli in Hyderabad, which will include modern types of facilities like 3D screen, Bookmyshow Ticket's booking, Online bookings and many more will soon be expected by officials. Local areas are waiting for this Amb Cinemas big launch. Some photos of this Gachibowli Cinema were shared on the internet and fans awed it. 

What is M Lounge of Amb Cinemas? 

It's a Luxury Auditorium Cinema reinvented by AMB cinemas. It's a Majestic or having a very impressive room for an excellent experience for the audience. Amb's M Lounge is a Royal relation with Red reserved for very rare and few. No worries of crowdedness and a big queue, where there are no limits to luxuries. It's a 7 star's wonder reserved for only Privileged Platinum Class Ticket holders.

• Out of Movie Experience 
• Special Occasions Celebration 
• World's Best Coffee 


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