Tfl Journey Planner - How to Plan a Tfl Journey in 2020?

Tfl Journey Planner - How to Plan a Tfl Journey in 2020?

Let's start a journey through Tfl Journey Planner a London Government Official website.

Note: Due to Coronavirus, Check all the Latest Travel Plans and Tours and find out how they're responding to New Plans of 2020 COVID-19 Virus. 

Coronavirus Precautions :

1. Face Covering should be must as per government guidelines, though you're travelling in car, bus or other private vehicles.

2. Avoid Public Transport if anyhow possible, citizen's were allowed to do work from home as per govt rules and regulations stay indoors as much as possible which make space on roads for buses and cycling.

3. Travelling Safety is must if you're travelling from one place to target location for any reason, wear your face mask, keep 2-5 meters distance wherever possible, sanitize hands and carry with yourself wherever possible, be digital in this situation make a contactless cash payment, through - PayPal, Oyster, etc. Coz most of Station are accepting oyster and other digital payments only. 

4. Fare Refunds will be refunded if you're ill or been quarantine, self-isolated or any other reasons of Coronavirus.

First of all, let's know About TfL Journey Planner? 

Tfl is an abbreviation for Transport for Londoners.
It's a Mayor Transport Strategy, Sadiq Khan is the Creator of this Tfl Transport System, Transport is his main vision in London. 
The Mayor's Transport Strategy has been set up to improve public transport for Londoners, create opportunities for new Houses and jobs, and to achieve this goal Mayor has encouraged local people to ride a bicycle and make the most use of Public Transport as well.

The Mayor's Main Approach is to:-

1. Make healthy people & streets, coz it will increase the life duration of citizens and will also improve the quality of life for Londoners.

2. Improve Public Transport Experience, the cycle is the way to efficient for people to go short distances in a short period of time. It includes Buses and other private cars for a long-distance journey. 

3. Create Opportunities for New Houses & Jobs, for the citizens to meet their yearly requirements.

•London require 65,000 new homes in a year.
•1.3 Million more Jobs by 2041.

4. Make Strategy Work Accordingly, implementation of these all strategy will need to do:

•Prepare for the new technology methods, and unpredictable changes to the way they live
•Make payments digital in the transport system in a fair way and in an efficient way
•Work with the Govt of London, other stakeholders, builders, transport operators and businesses
•Implement all these strategies to achieve the Mayor's priorities.

How to Plan Journey on Tfl in 2020?

To Plan, a Journey follow the steps:-

Tfl Journey Planner - How to Plan a Tfl Journey in 2020?
1st Step

Tfl Journey Planner - How to Plan a Tfl Journey in 2020?
2nd Step

Tfl Journey Planner - How to Plan a Tfl Journey in 2020?
3rd Step

Tfl Journey Planner - How to Plan a Tfl Journey in 2020?
4th Step

1. Open the Tfl Official Website - Tfl Govt. Website
2. Now click on - Plan a Journey 
3. Select From where To where? 
4. Below select Leaving option - To select Now or Change time to afterwards
5. Now select edit preferences it shows 3 options for journey
6. Options - Public Transport, Cycling & Walking
7. Public Transport include - select - Travel by - Bus, Tube, National Rail, DLR, London Overground, Tfl Rail, River Bus, Tram, Emirates Air Line and Coach
8. Cycling includes - hire a cycle or want a cycle on destinations 
9. Walking includes - Walking speed of Person - Slow, Average and Fast. 

Now click on save preferences to save these options for further future purposes, or untick it for no use. 
Now click Plan a Journey and make your journey and Enjoy. 
Thanks for reading this post of Tfl Journey Planner.


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