Beirut's massive explosion of Lebanon's Capital City Report

Beirut's massive explosion of Lebanon's Capital City Report

Highlights - 

• 100 people's were killed by this massive explosion happened on Tuesday in Beirut 
• 4,000 people's wounded and Hundreds are being missing 
• Health Minister says - Death toll may rise due to fear of missing people
Prime Minister of Lebanon says - They still don't know what cause this explosion happened & they're still investigating also having a focus on explosive ammonium nitrate of 2,750 metric tons.

Beirut's massive explosion of Lebanon's Capital City Report
Image reference: The New York Times

Report from Inside a Home of Resident -

The reporter has gone inside the home of residents residing around the explosion area, where an elderly couple said,

"When the blast has happened, the walls just collapsed," and now the bed is still stained with blood.

As per the Government reports, 3,00,000 people were displaced from their homes to somewhere else due to this blast. Many have lost their houses, the government will transparently investigate into this matter. 

Today, Lebanese authorities have declared the Beirut as Disaster City, released from a statement. Due to this Government also imposed a state of emergency and that could be extended.


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