Anita Tsoi Did Not Tell her Mother About the Death of her Father

Anita Tsoi Did Not Tell her Mother About the Death of her Father
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According to the singer, she herself learned the sad news only a month after the incident. Anita Tsoi admitted to the program "The Fate of a Man" that only a month later she learned that her father, Sergei Kim, was gone.

“My cousin informed me about the tragedy. She heard about it somewhere in the Korean community, his relative did not tell me anything. I still don't know what caused his death, ”said the artist, who celebrated her 50th birthday the day before.

The fact is that Choi never managed to establish relations with a parent who left the family when the future star was only 2 years old.

“I always wanted to prove to my father, who was somewhere, that I can get up. When the news of his death was confirmed, there was no one to prove it ... The last time we saw him on one of the television programs. And the last time we talked, when he was in the hospital due to heart problems, I wanted to help him. I called the doctor, and he said that they didn’t want to hear or see me ... I still phoned my dad, and he asked me to leave him alone. ”

However, Anita does not hold a grudge against a man: “To be offended is useless and nobody needs it. I think he was a good person. And everything that happened between us was his complexes. As my fathers said, he collected articles about me, watched broadcasts with my participation. That is, he had a secret place in his heart, where he put information about me. Perhaps he was simply uncomfortable, ashamed ... I think everything will be fine: he has it there, and I have it here. The main thing is not to be angry. "

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“I don’t talk about my dad with my mom, she doesn’t even know about our meetings. Nor did I tell her that he was no longer there because her father remained the most important man in her life for her. I do not want the wave of memories and experiences to begin again, ”Tsoi also admitted.

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