Corona cases rising in Mumbai: Lockdown is Inevitable!

Corona cases rising in Mumbai: Lockdown is Inevitable!
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The prevalence of corona is increasing across the state including Mumbai.  There is another wave of corona, which is said to be dangerous at the state level.  The second wave is expected to infect several people at the same time.  Due to the negligence of the citizens, Corona has again raised his head in Mumbai.  As a result, Mumbai is more likely to have a lockdown.  State Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has also warned the people of the state to remain alert in this regard and has appealed to abide by the rules.

Many wards of Mumbai Municipal Corporation are on the verge of becoming corona hotspots.  Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has also ordered strict restrictions in some areas.  Therefore, a severe lockdown is likely to be repeated in Mumbai once again.  Therefore, if the lockdown happens again, the citizens will have to face a big financial crisis.

Corona, which has been under siege in Mumbai for the past few months, is once again on the rise, with parts of the suburbs once again becoming hotspots.  The number of patients undergoing treatment has increased in Borivali, Andheri, Jogeshwari, Mulund and Chembur suburbs.  The situation is such that the outbreak of corona in Mumbai is becoming a new problem.  Therefore, the Municipal Corporation has once again started taking strict steps for corona control.

Corona cases rising in Mumbai: Lockdown is Inevitable!
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So far, Mumbai Municipal Corporation has declared 85 restricted areas and sealed 992 buildings.  Coronary heart disease in Mumbai started declining after December.  Before that, there were between 2,000 and 2,500 coronary patients a day.  That number reached 300 in February.  After that, after the opening of the local service from February 1, the crowd increased.  Also, the number of people not wearing masks in public places is increasing.

 As on February 3, the number of active patients has increased from 334 to over 600.  In Borivali, which has already been a hotspot, the number of patients has also increased.  Meanwhile, in order to keep the corona under control, the municipality has instructed some buildings to focus on preventive measures.

 Concern was expressed at the state cabinet meeting that the number of corona patients was increasing in various parts of the state, including the Amravati division.  The cabinet also agreed to impose strict restrictions for a week, if necessary, on measures such as taking action against those who do not wear masks and limiting attendance at Mars functions to keep the situation out of control.

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A presentation was made on the current status of the Corona at the State Cabinet meeting.  The number of corona patients in the state has started increasing again. On Wednesday, 4787 new corona patients were found and this number is 1000 more than the previous week.  It was informed that the number of patients is increasing in Amravati division and in Achalpur area the number of patients is increasing.

Many ministers have said that the situation is worsening due to the neglect of precautionary measures against corona and the commencement of Mars ceremonies in crowds of hundreds of thousands.

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