Cyprus Classified Tourists by Admission Codes Due to Pandemic Risk

Cyprus Classified Tourists by Admission Codes Due to Pandemic Risk
From March 1, Cyprus will apply a new four-level system of codes for tourists from 56 countries who are allowed to enter the country without quarantine, reports from the portal.

These include EU member states as well as third countries such as the UK, Russia, and Israel. According to experts, this measure was proposed in order to more correctly assess the risks and ensure the recovery of the tourism industry.

The new scheme will replace the current three-tier system to encourage travelers to choose Cyprus next summer. Passengers who can prove they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 do not need to present a negative PCR test upon arrival.

The "green" level is for countries with a low risk of coronavirus, from which arrivals are free to enter. Until March 31, tourists will be offered a free test upon arrival.

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Orange - includes countries with a higher risk and passengers must present a negative coronavirus test within the last 72 hours. Until March 31, tourists will also be asked to be tested at the airport.

The "red" level means passengers can enter the country if they have a negative PCR test and will take another test upon arrival at the airport. In addition, citizens of these countries will have to go through self-isolation.

The fourth "gray" level requires a "special permit" if the citizens are not Cypriots or residents of Cyprus. Cyprus is the first country in the EU to introduce such a code system. Brussels has already expressed concern about this practice.

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