February 9 - Zlatoust fire, how to attract wealth on this day

The coming Tuesday, February 9, in the national calendar is called "Zlotost'ev fire". On this day, in Russia, ceremonies were performed that could bring peace and prosperity into the house. What must be done on February 9?

February 9 - Zlatoust fire, how to attract wealth on this day
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On February 9, the Orthodox Church commemorates the archbishop and theologian of Constantinople John Chrysostom. This saint (along with Basil the Great and Gregory the Theologian) is revered by believers as one of the three Ecumenical hierarchs and teachers. According to legend, the archbishop was a talented preacher and orator. For this, he received the nickname "Chrysostom" among the people.

The Russian people of St. John, among other things, asked for the enlightenment of reason and the comprehension of spiritual books. They prayed to him in despair. Old-timers said that on February 9, the day of memory of John Chrysostom, you can read an effective conspiracy for toothache.

It sounded like this: " Lazarev Saturday, Zlatoust day, who has a toothache so that those teeth become petrified and never hurt ."

February 9 - Zlatoust fire, how to attract wealth on this day
Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

There was another popular belief associated with February 9th. It was believed that the flame of the hearth on this day has a special mystical power. That is why this day was called by our ancestors nothing more than " Zlatoust's fire ". What was supposed to be done?

- in the morning to read the akathist to Saint John Chrysostom to the whole family;

- the head of the family brings dry firewood (they had to be prepared in advance) and wood chips to the house;

- to heat the stove in a special way - so that all the logs are immediately occupied. This rite, they said in Russia, should bring peace, prosperity, prosperity, and comfortable life to the family;

- looking at the fire, think about your innermost desire, and pray for its fulfillment.

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By the way, meteorological signs are also associated with February 9. It was believed that if the clouds go against the wind - to wait for snow and blizzards; if the windows are sweating, it will soon get warmer outside the window. A snowstorm on the day of the memory of John Chrysostom was a good sign. After her attention was paid to the drifts. If their tops were rounded - be a rich harvest.

Name days are celebrated on February 9.

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