Google released a doodle in honor of Boris Pasternak's birthday

Google released a doodle in honor of Boris Pasternak's birthday
Photo by Greg Bulla from Unsplash
Creating a Pdoodle, the artist was inspired by the poet's poem "February. Get ink and cry ..."

Google posted on the start page of the search engine a doodle dedicated to the 131st birthday of the writer, poet and prose writer Boris Pasternak.

"Creating a holiday doodle, the artist was inspired by one of the most atmospheric poems by Boris Pasternak" February. Get ink and cry ... "- said Wednesday in a press release from the company.

From an early age, Boris Leonidovich Pasternak lived in a creative environment - Isaac Levitan, Lev Tolstoy, Sergei Rachmaninov, Vasily Polenov and others visited the house of his father-artist Leonid Pasternak and mother-pianist Rosalia Kaufman.

In his youth, Pasternak could not make a choice between music and philosophy. In 1912 he spent a summer vacation in Margburg, where he took lessons from the philosopher Hermann Cohen, and then in Venice. Returning to Russia, he began to write. In 1913, the first poem of Pasternak was published in the collection of a group of poets "Lyrics", at the end of the same year he published his own book of poems "The Twin in the Clouds". In 1922 the book of poems "My Sister - Life" was published. 

In the early 1920s, Boris Pasternak met Mayakovsky and became a member of the literary association "LEF". Then he met Marina Tsvetaeva.

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Psternak is the author of such poems as "In everything I want to get to the bottom", "Winter Night" and "Hamlet's Monologue". The poet had the ability to metaphorically describe the world around him and pay attention to detail. In the center of Pasternak's poetry are the themes of a person's place in history and relationships, creativity and the fate of the poet.

For the novel "Doctor Zhivago" Pasternak was awarded the Nobel Prize.

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