Independent Experts Assessed the Work of Hospitals in the Tula Region

Spoiler alert: there are no comments only for 2 medical institutions. Out of 22 tested.

Independent Experts Assessed the Work of Hospitals in the Tula Region
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The Public Council under the Regional Ministry of Health for an independent assessment of the quality of the conditions for the provision of services by medical organizations prepared a report for 2020.


Independent experts checked 22 hospitals and summarized the pros and cons. The hospitals were tested according to five criteria: 


• Openness and availability of information;

• Comfortable conditions for patients;

• Accessibility for the disabled;

• Courtesy of employees;

• Patient satisfaction with the services provided.

We publish the results of the check for you:

Tula Regional Children's Multidisciplinary Sanatorium "Inshinka" named after the spouses of I.S. and Batashova A.The.

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Lack of drinking bottled water. 


Tula Dental Clinic. S.A. Zlotnikov (Tula, st.Smidovich, 20 )


Complaints about the attitude of employees during the initial contact. Employees are encouraged to be reminded of the need to comply with ethical standards and rules of business communication.


Clinic of microsurgery "Vzglyad" in Tula (Tula, street Demonstration, 38)


Queues at the reception, no sign language interpreter, not enough toilets and Braille signs.


Tula Regional Center for Medical Prevention and Rehabilitation named after Ya.S. Stechkin "(Department of Physical Methods of Treatment, Department of Sports Medicine No. 1 in Tula, Department of Sports Medicine No. 2 in Novomoskovsk)


Lack of free places to wait in line. The lack of drinking water, the sanitary condition of the premises caused comments.


Tula Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital No. 1 named after N. P. Kameneva "(Leninsky district, Petelino, hospital No. 1 and hospital No. 2)


Patients are not completely satisfied with the services provided. 


"Tula Regional Dental Clinic" (department number 4, number 5 (adult), department number 6, number 7, branch number 2 in Yasnogorsk, branch number 4 in Efremov, branch number 6 in Kireevsk, branch number 7 in Bogoroditsk)


Not all information is provided on the stands and on the website.


"Tula Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases" (polyclinic and infectious diseases department in Belev)

The conditions for people with disabilities in the polyclinic leave much to be desired: there are no sanitary and hygienic facilities for the disabled and lifting platforms, and there are not enough conditions for the hearing and vision disabled. At the same time, conditions for the disabled are fully created in the infectious diseases department.


Clinical hospital "Russian Railways - Medicine" (Tula, st. Dmitry Ulyanov, 8)


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The medical facility does not fully provide conditions for people with disabilities.


"Tula Regional TB Dispensary No. 1" (GO Tula), hospital and polyclinic for children and adults


Queues, inappropriate wardrobe and other premises. Complaints about rude employees.


"Denta-Profi" (Kimovsk)


Queues, lack of widened doorways and facilities for disabled people. Labels and signs are not duplicated in Braille.


"Center for Rehabilitation and Prevention" (Tula, st. Lunacharskogo, 1)


Insufficiently widened doorways and sanitary facilities for the disabled. 


"Medical Center" Health "(Novomoskovsk)


Conditions for people with disabilities are not fully provided.


"Dental clinic number 2" (Novomoskovsk)


Conditions for people with disabilities are not fully provided. Indoors navigation is inconvenient, but 91.5% of the people surveyed would recommend the medical facility to others.


LLC "Clinic on Pirogova" (Shchekino), LLC "Azbuka zdorovya" (Tula), LLC "Exclusive" (Efremov), LLC "Center of Medicine" (Aleksin), LLC "City Polyclinic" in Novomoskovsk, LLC "VITA" (Novomoskovsk ), LLC "Uzlovskaya Dental Clinic"


Conditions for people with disabilities are not fully provided.


And only two institutions have no comments - the Tula Regional Hospice and the Center for Pediatric Psychoneurology in Tula.

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