Mikhail Boyarsky was hospitalized

He was taken to one of the hospitals in St.Petersburg with a fever and weakness.

Mikhail Boyarsky was hospitalized

SAINT PETERSBURG, February 16. / TASS /. People's Artist of Russia Mikhail Boyarsky was taken to a hospital in St. Petersburg with fever and weakness. The hospitalization of the 71-year-old TASS artist on Tuesday was announced by his wife Larisa Luppian, artistic director of the Lensovet Theater and People's Artist of Russia.

"Mikhail Sergeevich was hospitalized yesterday. He had a temperature of 38, however, not that high, and a great weakness. We still do not know what [with him]. Now he feels well. The doctors are now deciding whether to go home to release, or to carry out an examination. This is the 122nd hospital, but not a covid ward. He is in a separate ward, he is being examined for now, "said Luppian.

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The press service of the L.G. Sokolov clinical hospital of the FMBA also confirmed to journalists that Boyarsky was being treated at the institution. "However, at the request of the patient, information about his condition will not be reported in the media," the hospital added.

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