New! IPPON Smart Winner II 1U: A Powerful UPS in a Slim Design

New! IPPON Smart Winner II 1U: a powerful UPS in a slim design

The manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies IPPON presents the line-interactive IPPON Smart Winner II 1U - a powerful and energy-intensive UPS in a slim, rack-mountable design with a pure sine wave signal at the output. The new product is designed to protect workstations, servers, and other network equipment from power problems.

The series of uninterruptible power supplies IPPON Smart Winner II 1U is made on the basis of line-interactive technology with a pure sine wave signal at the output. This UPS will help protect sensitive electronic equipment from power problems, including sags, surges and interruptions, power-wave noise, and blackouts. The series includes two models with a capacity of 1150 and 1550 VA. The UPS enclosure is made of metal and can be integrated into a 19-inch rack in just one 1U footprint, with rack rails sold separately.

On the front panel of the UPS, there are an LCD display and control buttons, which display all information about the operation of the uninterruptible power supply, load status, battery charge, efficiency, UPS status indicators. The IPPON Smart Winner II 1U uninterruptible power supply is equipped with a USB port for connecting to a network server or other control computer; SNMP support allows the user to remotely manage and monitor UPS parameters. SNMP card sold separately.

New! IPPON Smart Winner II 1U: A Powerful UPS in a Slim Design

We recommend IPPON Smart Winner II 1U to ensure uninterrupted operation and protection of:

• Equipment that is critical to the power signal shape;

• Equipment that requires a long battery life;

• Several personal computers and graphic stations;

• Powerful servers, including those installed in racks;

• Peripheral computer and computing equipment;

• Any telecommunication equipment (office PBX, routers, routers, modems, etc.).

IPPON Trademark Information:

New! IPPON Smart Winner II 1U: A Powerful UPS in a Slim Design

Since 2002, high-tech equipment has been produced under the IPPON trademark for reliable and effective protection of power supply. Today, the IPPON range includes uninterruptible power supplies for both home use and powerful devices for infrastructure solutions, data centers and other equipment critical to power surges. In addition, the IPPON product portfolio includes voltage stabilizers, batteries for UPS and other devices, surge protectors and adapters for laptops.

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IPPON today is a reliable and efficient UPS of four types (three-phase, online, line-interactive, offline) that meet the latest safety and energy standards. We manufacture UPS from 400 to 80,000 VA. Having started on the Russian market in 2002, today IPPON is one of the three leaders in the mass UPS market. Our advantages are simplicity and ease of use, a two-year warranty, high quality workmanship, confirmed by numerous awards from leading computer publications. Service maintenance is carried out in more than 200 authorized service centers in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. IPPON's manufacturing facilities are located in China: we have our own R&D office, where all products undergo rigorous testing and quality control. Besides, Moscow has its own IPPON Competence Center, where equipment also undergoes full-scale testing, consultations and training of partners, as well as training of IPPON service specialists. The CC has a demo center with all IPPON product lines.

The IPPON trademark belongs to Nippon Klick Systems LLP (London, UK). The official partner in promoting IPPON products in Russia is MERLION (

For detailed information, please contact the PR-manager of IPPON - Larisa Zaikonnikova

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