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Drawing Up Your Own Profile Resume

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Anyone looking for a job knows to write a resume. Some job seekers know how to do this. Even fewer know how to do it correctly. Just think, a resume is a resume, right?

Not really. Here are three types of them, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Chronological resume : highlights your work history and last position held. This is the most common format.

  • Profile or Resume Specialty : List your skills and accomplishments, diverting attention from your employment history.

  • Comprehensive resume : A summary of your accomplishments with milestones in your career, and a biography detailing jobs, skills, and successes not included in the summary.

What is Resume Summary? 

resume summary statement is a short paragraph at the beginning of a resume that highlights a job seeker's professional skills and experience. The goal of a summary statement is to demonstrate the job seeker's unique value through their skills and accomplishments.

We understand that writing a personal profile for a resume is not an easy task. Especially if you are doing it for the first time or did it some time ago. Therefore, we have put together a few examples to help you get started. Remember: these are just examples and their purpose is to inspire you. You can't just copy a profile from somewhere and paste it into your resume; this should be your story. If you'd like to see more personal profiles in context, check out our full resume examples .

Profile Resume for Fashion Designer:

“I am a fashion designer with a degree in cutting and sewing. My interests are knitwear and tailoring. In my work, I use complex patterns, decoration, experimenting with color and texture. My hobby is vintage clothing. I am currently looking for an inspiring work environment that will allow me to develop and learn new things while giving me creative freedom. "

Profile Resume for Bachelor in Business:

“I got my bachelor's degree in business. I have excellent analytical, project management and teamwork skills from university studies, a one-year internship in logistics and a variety of part-time jobs in retail and hospitality. As the captain of the high school soccer team, he has always demonstrated strong leadership skills. I am looking for a serious internship with an e-commerce company to expand my knowledge of online marketing. "

Profile Resume for Hospitality Career:

“The hospitality industry is my vocation. I've always wanted to work in this area. Perhaps this was facilitated by the fact that since childhood I worked part-time in a family restaurant. My main character traits are sociability and the ability to get along with people, but if necessary, I can be strict, so no one disputes my authority in my work.

Profile Resume for Graduate looking for a Job:

“Conscientious and ambitious graduate of the Faculty of Psychology and Business with experience working with personnel. Thanks to my activity as a member of the Board of the University Business Club, I have excellent presentation skills in a professional setting. I am looking for a HR Assistant job where I can demonstrate my strong communication skills and ability to take on a high level of responsibility. I will give preference to work in an NGO or a company with high ethical values. "

Profile Resume for Nurse:

“A nurse is looking for a job in her specialty. Has experience in conducting medical examinations. Has good analytical skills and the ability to think critically. She received several certificates of professional development, including: "Working with medical equipment", "Working in the operating room", "Massage and exercise therapy". Looking for an organization that can offer a position with a greater degree of responsibility and a long-term contract. "

Profile Resume for Sales Marketing:

“I am an ambitious sales consultant. I have experience in negotiating, working on tight deadlines, using Salesforce software. With my current employer, I was able to increase sales to existing customers by 35% while attracting new customers. I have a degree in international business; I was able to develop my skills in a work environment that I like. I am looking for an organization that can offer me the opportunity to work in international projects. "

Your profile resume is ready. You can send it as is or add a little chic. Don't be afraid to be creative. Remember only that any nuance should work on your image of a future employee.

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