Sivakarthikeyan Birthday Special: The star that makes you think of one of us

Fans will always have more love and respect for the winners who have come from simple backgrounds in Tamil cinema. Actor Sivakarthikeyan, who has gained that extra love and respect from the fans in a very short period of time and has been recognized by the fans not only for the films he chooses but also for his public performances, is celebrating his birthday today (February 17).

Sivakarthikeyan Birthday Special: The star that makes you think of one of us
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It is a rare and rare achievement to succeed in the ever-competitive world of cinema and to last for many years after winning. Only one in tens of thousands will get the chance to headline the movies. Only one in a million people will have the opportunity to do something in cinema that is recognizable by fans. It is a good fortune for only one in a million to be able to stand on their own two feet and achieve stardom. Beyond that, the actor who appears on the screen in the general cinema audience is a man who can count on the fingers of one hand to think of a screen star like himself that his success must continue to be our success and that he must always be good to him.

Born and raised in Trichy, Sivakarthikeyan has been the only stand-up comedian in art performances since his college days and has been recognized locally as a talented artist. It was through those talents that he had the opportunity to take part in a prestigious private television competition. He amassed success on the show with his immense mimicry and sense of humor. There was a uniqueness in Sivakarthikeyan's mimicry that many who mimic superstar Rajinikanth would imitate his voice, accent, and fast speaking style. SivakarthikeyanGoing one step further, Rajini also brought in the perfect mimicry of the words that are most often used when speaking Tamil and the words (filler) that are used to fill in the gaps from one phrase to another. This is what drew his personal attention as a mimicry artist.

Admired as a presenter

Sivakarthikeyan's iconic fan base multiplied after he rose to become a presenter on the same TV show beyond being a competitor on the TV show. The innate sarcasm and naughtiness that emanated from him as a presenter and the innocence beyond these brought Sivakarthikeyan closer to the minds of the people. It is these qualities that are still evident in films that have played a key role in elevating Sivakarthikeyan to be a popular artist.

Sivakarthikeyan Birthday Special: The star that makes you think of one of us
Via: Twitter

Director Pandyaraj, who won two national awards in his debut film, made Sivakarthikeyan the hero in his film 'Marina'. It was only after the release of this film that '3', in which he played the supporting role of Dhanush's Man's Friend, was released. Both the films helped to draw the attention of the film fans on Sivakarthikeyan. He was a perfect match for the character of a young man who meets and falls in love with his childhood friend in the movie 'Manam Kothi Paravai'. Sivakarthikeyan again played one of the two heroes in the film 'Kaddi Billa Killadi Ranga' directed by Pandiraj. Despite being a comedy, the film was a success, completing other aspects such as romance, songs, and sentimental scenes.

Man who fascinated children

Dhanush was one of the leading stars of Sivakarthikeyan's talent in Tamil cinema. Sivakarthikeyan was made the hero and Thurai Senthilkumar, who worked as the assistant director of Vetrimaran, was introduced as the director and produced the film 'Ethirnichal'. With a story that captivated fans from all walks of life and Anirudh's wonderful songs, the film was a huge success and put Sivakarthikeyan on the first step of the stair ladder.

Sivakarthikeyan then starred in the acclaimed director AR Murugadoss's story-written and produced film 'Deer Karate'. Despite the negative reviews, the film was a box office success. Taking a selfie while standing in the deer karate pose done by Sivakarthikeyan in this film was the biggest trend among the children of that day. Through this many children became fans of Sivakarthikeyan. The films starring Sivakarthikeyan topped the list of films that parents take to entertain their children. Thus Sivakarthikeyan was recognized as a star who attracted children and family fans through it.

Between the two films, Sivakarthikeyan played the role of a village Romeo youth in director Ponram's 'Unrepentant Youth Association'. The film was a smash hit and took Sivakarthikeyan all the way to the menu. He was also recognized as an All-Center Star. The reunion of the same alliance 'Rajini Murugan' became a hit in all centers and strengthened Sivakarthikeyan's star status. Meanwhile, Dhanush-Durai Senthil's co-star 'Khaki T-shirt', meanwhile, was critically acclaimed and commercially successful and made Sivakarthikeyan an action hero.

Big budget and serious content

Sivakarthikeyan next starred in the big-budget film 'Remo' which featured world-class techno artists like PC Sriram and Rasool Pookutty. Sivakarthikeyan's make-up, acting, comedy, and liveliness in the role of a doctor disguised as a female nurse in the film attract a large number of fans. 'Remo' was one of the biggest hits of Sivakarthikeyan's screen career.

Following this, Sivakarthikeyan played the lead role in 'Raja' directed by M. Raja after the huge success of 'Tani Oruvan'. Containing heavy content such as personal honesty, discipline, social responsibility, and anti-corporate corruption, the film helped to dispel the image of Sivakarthikeyan as the only actor in comedy-centric light-hearted films.

The full range of heroic talent

Success and failure are common in all fields. Failures are inevitable in a film that needs to attract a large audience. Accordingly, Sivakarthikeyan was followed by a few failed films. But the number of fans and the anticipation for his films has not diminished.

Sivakarthikeyan, who co-starred with director Pandyaraj for the third time in 'Nammaveettu Pillai', was emotionally drained as the father who lost his father in a large family, a member who celebrates relationships, and Tamayan who respects his sister more than his life. The film was a critical and commercial success and made Sivakarthikeyan feel the full potential of his role as a lead actor.

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Subsequent films confirm the hope that Sivakarthikeyan will touch many more heights. 'Doctor', directed by Nelson, will be released on March 26. The film is produced by Sivakarthikeyan.

Director R. Ravikumar, who made his mark in the first film with the sci-fi film 'Today and Yesterday', can be confident that 'Ayalon' will be the most important film of Sivakarthikeyan's screen life at the same time different. Apart from these, Sivakarthikeyan will be starring with a huge star cast in the new film 'Dawn' to be directed by CB Chakraborty.

Nature of quality films

In the meantime, as a producer, he has made a name for himself as a quality film lover in his first film. Directed by his friend and multi-talented Arunraja Kamaraj, he introduced women's cricket and produced the film 'Kana', which focused on the success story of a farmer's daughter. Released in both Tamil and Telugu, the film became the first record of mass cinema on women's cricket.

Sivakarthikeyan's role was also instrumental in opening the door to YouTube celebrities and cinema by producing the film 'Nenjamundu Nermayundu Odu Raja' starring Rio as a TV presenter like himself.

Winners in the short term usually carry the unjustified stigma of being a lucky winner. No one can win by luck alone. Those who have the skill, the hard work, the ability to do what is right, to avoid mistakes and not to repeat the mistakes that happen to themselves, and to learn a lesson from it will not succeed in any field. Even if they win, that victory will not last long.

Sivakarthikeyan's success in the short term is due to his skill, hard work, and clarity on what to do and what not to do. All three will be with him forever. We sincerely wish him success and achievements with them.

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