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Malwani building collapse: Neighbour warned owner the building had shifted

At least 12 people were killed and seven injured when a three-storey structure collapsed in Malwani in Malad West on Wednesday night. A man living in an adjacent house told mid-day, that two days back, he had informed its owner that the structure had slightly tilted. He also claimed that the collapsed structure did not have any beam support and was made of single brick walls. 

A man staying in the house adjacent to the collapsed building, told mid-day, that around two back, he had informed its owner that the structure had slightly shifted. The neighbour also claimed that the collapsed ground plus three structure was constructed without any beam support and was made of single brick walls.

Anas Qureshi, a neighbour

Anas Qureshi, the neighbour claimed, "A couple of days back I noticed that the structure which has collapsed, had shifted from its position. There was a gap between the single brick wall and my house. The owner, Mohammed Rafiq, was immediately informed about this. He got the local contractor who had constructed his house to see what had happened. The contractor did something to try and rectify the issue."

Locals also claimed as there was no iron beam support to the structure, it collapsed. According to the local residents, ground plus three illegal structures with no beam supports is a major problem in the area. They said there should be audits conducted by the authorities to prevent further such mishaps in the area. They also claimed that many locals construct additional floors and give them on rent in order to earn money, but risk the lives of people.

This reporter also found that these structures are constructed so close to each other that in case of natural calamities like earthquakes or even during such incidents like building collapse, it will be extremely difficult to carry out a rescue operation.


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